Fast-paced precast construction

Precast is known for its aesthetic looks and strength while simultaneously being eco-friendly. One of the most important characteristics is that it takes much less time to execute. Precast technology brings unmatchable durability for both — replacement or rehabilitation of any structure. As the capacities of the construction industry are limited, the utilization of rapid construction methods is becoming a necessity. Precast which is manufactured in a controlled situation makes it the perfect solution needed for the current market situation.

It relies more on the off-site production of components. Precast concrete is produced by casting concrete in a reusable mould with wire mesh. It is then cured under a controlled environment which gives it standardized strength. Once finished, the precast concrete is transported to the site. The elements are then assembled on-site immediately and hassle-free.

Weather plays a very crucial part in construction on site. It affects the quality of concrete and work gets delayed. Whereas, when it comes to precast the weather is eliminated as an obstacle. It is cast at a factory where everything is monitored round the clock with quality control.

Precast concrete can have enough time and favourable temperatures to cure and gain its strength. Moreover, the time to form and cure gets eliminated. However, Cast-in-place concrete will have deviations according to the weather conditions as well as the time required to form and cure the whole structure is a tedious and time-consuming job.

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Precast concrete is factory-made, certain standardized elements can be incorporated efficiently within the concrete which can be incorporated in cast-in-place concrete. Precast concrete offers flexibility to make personalized changes before it is poured into the form.

Lastly, it can be installed on a just-in-time basis since the elements arrive on-site when they are needed. This helps the process go at a much faster pace.

Urbaanac envisions providing precast solutions for all structures in fast-paced concrete construction. It strives to provide solutions that let you convert your dreams into reality. They thrive to provide solutions that are superior quality, exceptionally durable, and faster execution with utmost dedication and determination.