Emerging Trends in the Construction Industry in India

The construction industry is one of the foundations of a growing economy. Therefore, it is critical for a nation to invest in construction and infrastructure as it leads to a better environment where everyone can be more productive and valuable to society’s collective growth. Moreover, in today’s day and age, technology is driving change across all sectors of our economy with an aim to enhance productivity, optimization, and transparency. In this post, we examine the emerging trends in construction that are paving the way for a more efficient industry.

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Automation and Drone Technologies: The key objective behind automation is to create technological interventions that reduce human effort and possibilities of human error as well as increase productivity. The domain is rapidly evolving in the construction sector through various solutions such as construction robotics that leverage robots to simplify manual processes, helping project managers achieve a quick turnaround time. Further, software applications also help automate several tasks, such as follow-up emails for vendors and clients, allowing you to focus on your core business. Another emerging trend in the construction sector today is the increased usage of drone technologies for various purposes. While conventional methods did the job, drones offer a much clearer view, helping project managers and end-customers access more accurate representations of construction projects. Drone technologies will help complete several activities like building surveys, construction site inspection, health and safety induction, maintenance inspection, project progress report, promotional photography, live feed and virtual walk walk-around logistics, and thermal imaging recordings.

Data Analytics: We live in a digital era that has led to a massive increase in information generated. Today, every business seeks to optimize the information it generates by leveraging data mining, processing, and analytics. Construction companies stand to benefit a lot by using data processing technologies as they will lead to actionable insights, leading to cost-effective and objective decision-making. This trend will undoubtedly enhance productivity, whether it is understanding the optimum utilization of materials or understanding demand trends.

Cloud-based BIM: Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming very popular, and its usage is gaining increasing prominence. Having cloud-based BIM software will help organizations access construction-related data much faster as opposed to on-premise installations. This optimizes the entire process and enables all stakeholders to access the relevant information in real-time.

Precast Technology: At Urbanaac, we foray into the world of faster, safer, and more robust construction by integrating precast technologies into construction methodologies. We bring together excellent craftsmanship, complete customization, and quality construction materials that are robust and also help reduce environmental and noise pollution. As a part of our solutions, we conceptualize, design, and execute customized construction elements, which helps project managers to achieve exceptional turnaround times while ensuring complete quality and safety!


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