What is Hollow Core Slab?

Hollow core slabs derive their name from the voids that run through the units. Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs are manufactured using Extrusion technology. Hollow Core Slabs are casted on 132-meter-long bed and have standard width of 1.2 meter.

Hollow Core Slabs in Gujarat
Hollow Core Slab 3

What are the advantages of Hollow core Slab?

  • They provide long and clear spans for maximizing functional layouts
  • They are superior in quality with excellent finish.
  • It reduces the weight by 30% – 40% of the unit.
  • They maximize structural efficiency.
  • Voids can function as service ducts providing greater versatility.
  • They are efficient in thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • They are quick and easy to install.

Existing production capacity – 10000 sq. ft. per day

Expansion capacity – 5 times the existing capacity

Thickness of the Hollow Core Slabs – 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mmm

Hollow Core Slabs in Ahmedabad