Accurate Production



Spread over an enormous area of 25 acres inhabits our illustrious ‘State-of-the-Art’ manufacturing facility.

Quality Control

Every material batch is meticulously inspected and verified ensuring top-tier production standards. We prioritize worker safety, equipping our team with essential safety gear. Precast cuts down construction time, and onsite crane assembly enhances accuracy.


Our facility churns out a Production Volume Capacity of an average of 150 cubic meters every day. Our capacity soars to an impressive 4.5 million square feet annually, with room to amplify up to fivefold.

RMC Plant

The systematic creation of precast structures is done at the RMC plant where the precision in detail leads to buildings that can stand the test of time.


Our prestressed technology integrates advanced automation with the finesse of strained wires. This not only escalates our production capacity but also upholds the integrity of every structure.

Raw Materials

Our concrete, tailored both dry and wet, is mixed to precision—each batch is formulated for its destined purpose. All concrete materials, cement, & stretched wires are used instead of long iron to enhance quality & scale up the production output.

Tech-driven Production


Versatile technology for construction

Team Work

5+ years of resilience by our team

Systematized Plant

Administered technologically and securely


One-stop design and build solutions