Everything you need to know about pre-cast compound walls.

Back in the day, the traditional way of building walls with bricks was very popular and considered to be the best choice for building compound walls with ease. Nowadays, Precast compound walls have gained a lot of attention due to their availability in various sizes, designs, etc., and time efficiency to build. Here is all you need to know about precast compound walls to make an informed choice for your compound walls:

  1. Traditional walls are made from clay and heating. Whereas, precast compound walls are made from steel materials and concrete which makes them last longer with stylish looks which is contrary to traditional walls.
  2. These pre-cast compound walls (100 mtr.) take a maximum of 2 days to build as compared to traditional walls that take 7 days to build which drastically reduces the time taken.
  3. As compared to traditional walls which are very expensive in terms of material and construction process, precast compound walls are cost-efficient and long-lasting.
  4. Pre-cast walls are fire, mold, and moisture resistant which gives these walls a very long life.
  5. In case of any error in the construction process, only a few columns need to be replaced in place of creating a completely new wall.
  6. The life of traditional walls depends on the quality of resources used in construction. Whereas, pre-cast panels provide high security as they are made of reinforced wires with high-quality concrete.
  7. Unlike bricks and concrete walls, pre-cast compound walls can’t easily be broken down with ordinary hand tools.

Pre-cast compound walls cater to elegant looks with cost and time efficiency. Urbanaac strives to ensure that all their products are impeccable and top-notch with a vision of providing the highest quality pre-cast solution. With experience, team effort, determination, and resilience, Urbanaac offers one-stop ‘Durable and Long-Lasting’ solutions to clients to meet their requirements.

To learn more about Pre-cast compound walls please visit Urbanaac — Future of Infrastructure in Precast — Gujarat

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