For a greener and Sustainable Development

Urbanaac aspires to build a better world on the grounds of sustainability.

With a potential green product as precast concrete, Urbanaac shall optimize your resources and reduce material wastage to almost negligible. The thermal mass insulation property of precast concrete elements shall reduce the energy loads on the building’s HVAC systems, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the building. Long and clear spans with improved structural performance provides newer avenues for design innovations. On-site construction of these building marvels is pollution-less, dust-free, less cluttered, and hence safer and healthier for craftsman on-site.

For merits more than the above listed, Precast Concrete has been recognized and recommended by Government of India. Precast Structures can easily gain Potential points of Green Building LEED certification making it an ideal choice for greener buildings.

Sustainable values of Precast Concrete Construction