Sustainability - Green Environment

Sustainability ensures current developments meet present goals while paying attention to what future generations will inherit. Sustainable architecture practices take a holistic approach to ensure the optimum utilization of the building materials. These also include assembly processes that give maximum performance throughout a building’s lifecycle

Considering today’s rapid growth and development, Precast concrete characteristics makes it more natural choice for achieving sustainability. In 2005, the World Summit on Social Development clearly outlined sustainability goals regardless of the project or cause.
They identified three primary sustainability pillars, called the triple bottom line:

Precast concrete elements are now-a-days being preferred for LEED certification of the building. To justify the same, refer the below-mentioned key points:

Urbanaac aspires to build a better world on the grounds of sustainability.

With a potential green product as Precast Concrete, Urbanaac shall optimize your resources and reduce material wastage to almost negligible with below-mentioned key points