About Precast

What is Precast?

Precast concrete is produced by casting concrete in a reusable “mould” or “form” with wire mesh or rebar. This mold may also have prestressed cable, if needed. The construction elements are produced in a production facility with high quality with fixtures for building services (electricity, plumbing, heating, air conditioning etc.) being embedded. It is then cured in a controlled environment at plant. Once finished, the precast concrete elements are then transported to the building site. The individual elements are then assembled on site and connected with each other in a force-fitting manner.

It’s important to note that addition of the reinforcement is particularly useful to maximize the strength of the concrete as per requirement. The addition of the wire or rebar provides tension within the concrete, which is released once curing is complete. The release of the wire or rebar tension transfers strength to the concrete, creating an even stronger material.

Regardless of whether or not prestressing is a part of the equation, this process is faster, safer and quality efficient than standard concrete. Precast concrete materials help you maximize your project’s potential while making sure it is completed on time. They are also among the most versatile products in construction, combining a strong structure with the ability to:

Tailor made solutions to each and every project ensure that any kind of challenge can be met to produce ecological and robust buildings.

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