What are Columns with Corbel?

Columns with Corbels are compression members casted monolithically with corbels to support floor beams. They are produced under controlled factory conditions with high strength concrete creating a superior quality durable product with no need for extra fireproofing.

Column with Corbel
Precast Columns with Corbels

What are the advantages of Columns with Corbel?

  • They can be casted with four sided corbels with superior quality.
  • They make the construction process much simpler and faster.
  • They provide maximum flexibility in design, shape and application.
  • They render clean, finished look of the structural components.
  • They can be made to multi floor heights.
  • They are more efficient than steel columns in high corrosive areas.

Maximum size of the column: Length 900mm x Width 900mm

Columns with Corbels Manufacturer in India