Urbanaac has an edge on everything needed for far more superior constructions, efficient structures and effective buildings with precast concrete construction.

Faster Execution

  • It allows on-site all-weather construction.
  • Precast concrete construction relies on faster off-site production of building components with focused operational procedures.
  • The time required for form work, curing and plaster work is eliminated.
  • Precast structures can be erected at a faster pace since the elements manufactured arrive on-site on a Just-in-Time basis and can be erected directly.

Superior Quality

  • Precast components are casted under controlled environment delivering precast elements of highest standard and quality.
  • The elements produced are of higher-grade concrete mix giving superior strength and durability.
  • Each cubic meter of concrete casted is tested in Quality Control lab by Quality Control specialists.
  • Precast elements have smooth and ready-to-paint surface finish that can also be left exposed.
  • Precast structural elements are also stronger in torsion and experience lesser deflections.

Environment Friendly

  • Precast Construction reduces air pollution, noise and debris.
  • Precast elements provide thermal insulation which reduces the year-round energy consumption and contributing to green energy management.
  • Site wastage is reduced as direct elements are delivered to construction site.
  • Precast elements are made in a controlled environment. Keeping consistency in materials and proper mix proportions gives optimum use of materials.

Economic Construction

  • Precast concrete construction allows early construction schedules resulting in faster returns on investment.
  • Precast construction provides hustle free construction.
  • It reduces maintenance work.
  • It leads to an increased life cycle of building.
  • Precast construction increases functionality of a building.
  • It reduces site wastage.