Gujarat aims for Firmament

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani has approved the construction of 70 storey building in five major cities of Gujarat state. The five cities are- Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat. Until now, the maximum permissible limit was till 23 floors only.

The allowance is definitely attached to various approvals and area the skyscraper building must be of around 2500 sq.m. to 3500 sq.m., so as to get height of about 150 metres.

The approval by the CM will help in putting Gujarat on the global map on the lines of places like UAE and Singapore, which are famous for their high-rises and infrastructural development. Along with that there would employment generation in terms of hiring not just labourers but also other technicians- engineers, architects etc. That may result in some boost in the economy. The permission for such buildings is not just for residential purposes but also commercial or recreational purposes.

The construction of 70 storey building with the conventional method sounds like a long-lasting process. What would real estate companies do to complete such projects with a faster pace? Using the traditional method of construction, the number of labourers hired and the time required would be of around 10 years because the work would be at much slower rate than when done in factories with precast structural elements.

Urbanaac is one of them in the state which brings Turnkey Infrastructure solutions through precast concrete technology. This technology gets an infrastructure ready in half of the time taken by traditional method.

This technology has endless advantages starting from design optimization, optimum utilization of available resources, design versatility and many more. The structural elements such as hollow core slabs, pre-stressed beams are incredibly efficient and stronger with supreme quality and excellent surface finish.