Eco- Friendly Constructions

Eco- Friendly Constructions

Eco-friendly, or Ecological construction is building a structure that is beneficial and non-harmful to the environment and resource efficient. These kinds of infrastructure are efficient with respect to their use of local and renewable materials and the energy required to build it and energy generated while being within it.

Architects, engineers and builders around the globe have started using such construction techniques that have been developed throughout human history in response to local environmental concern and the physical resource opportunities available in this century.

A few of the advantages that eco-friendly construction bring are:

  • Low Maintenance and Operations Cost:

    Eco friendly construction features ensures optimum utilisation of resources.

  • Energy Efficiency:

    They can end up installing solar panels to make use of energy from the sun. Energy efficiency is essential not only for the user but also for the entire globe.

  • Improve Overall Health and Safety:

    People who live in green building enjoy many health benefits because of materials used during construction.

  • Enhances Indoor Environment Quality

    Good indoor environment quality is one protects the health of the building’s occupants, reduces stress and improves their quality of life.

  • Material & Water Efficiency

    Water efficiency involves the use of physical process and the resources in a manner that allows for the optimum utilization of materials without compromising the quality of the outcome.

Materials used in infrastructures to achieve sustainability are as follows:

  1. Cellulose insulation- paper like material is also used while constructing.

  2. Non- toxic or lead-free paints and wood preservatives.

  3. Locally- grown and harvested timber from sustainably managed forests.

  4. Solar panels for domestic purposes

  5. Water conservation, possibly including biological waste water treatment and re-use and the simple collection and recycling of rainwater for garden use.

  6. Low energy light bulbs, which can last up to 100 times longer than regular bulbs.

The above mentioned benefits of green buildings shows, it is possible for human beings to effectively meet all their present needs without depleting resources and endangering the environment in a manner that makes it difficult for future generations to survive comfortably. Eco-friendly buildings use unique construction techniques that ensure that resources are used efficiently and responsibly while not compromising on the user’s health and comfort.